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Yesterday, me and mama go to his house. mmg pyca tak sangka mama nak bwk pergi rumah dia. pyca just ikut je. Then, we arrive. Ktorg naik tingkat 2, but....... I dont know which one is his house. And for the second time, pyca tak sangka mama boleh ketuk setiap pintu rumah dan bagi salam mcm ni "Assalamualaikum, *his name*!".

I'm glad bcz one of the door is open. He came out, and he very-2 suprised. Me just smile :) Dia jemput masuk, and ktorg masuk. ofc pyca pergi salam ibu dia. Mama dgn ibu dia dah mcm kawan. Pyca dgn dia, borak-2. I've story everything to him how mama found his house. He laugh. We laugh. And I ask him,

Pyca; Percaya tak yg pyca dtg?
Him; Percaya lah, dah dtg ni.
Pyca; Tak, maksud pyca..... Percaya tak yg pyca akan dtg rumah
Him; *pandang pyca, sengih and geleng kepala*
Pyca; *smile as big as I can and lentok kepala dkt bahu dia*

We had a flu, so everywhere I go I'll bring my handkerchief. I keep looking at him. Pyca terperasan yg we had same handkerchief. Me smile again :) Agak lama lah ktorg duduk kt rumah dia. Mama borak apa entah dgn ibu dia. Everysecond I sat beside him. Everysecond I look at him.......

Setiap pertemuan pasti ada perpisahan kan. Me and mama waiting for my sister to pick us. Him send us downstairs. We keep waited and then they came. Me and mama pun balik lah.

When we was there beside each other, we keep smile and smile and laugh and laugh. I was so happy! And suddenly........ my eyes was opened. I cry...... cause it just a dream. And when I make this entry...... I cry bcz it did not happen. did not real happen! I just miss my dream and I hope, I'll never erased this from my memory  :-(

Thanks for reading :)

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