Greyson are mine! xx
Saturday, 12 November 2011 ? 0 Comment ?
Greyson Chance's photo Flying to Malaysia today! Very excited to meet all the fans there and experience all the culture!!
Greyson Chance before he flying to Malaysia :) //I've use this picture as my default. hihi
Greyson Chance's photo View from my hotel this morning. I have a very busy day. Press conferences all day plus interview tonight at HitzFM!
Greyson Chance at KL. view from his hotel :) //so cute aiteeeee :
Greyson Chance's photo Ready for the blue carpet. #AIM
Greyson Chance waiting for the blue carpet at AIM :) //you're so handsome. handsome boyyyyy ♥.

--> plussssss my faveghet inspiration with her love at AIM 
Yuna and Qi 

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