Trial Trial Trial
Wednesday, 17 August 2011 ? 0 Comment ?
Hello guyss :) tomorrow i have trial for PMR. just now dah study science and bm. buat soalan last-2 year punya em boleh tahan susahnya science paper 2 :-/ damnit! okay before berbuka tadi, dah text semua PMR CANDIDATES #myfriendonly, wish good luck and hope they do the best! hihi, yeah act beberapa ni me happy cause i already have a boyprend which is Amirul Amin bin Aziz or usually org yg kenal dia panggil dia, Angah :) eh nak cerita psl trial dah terpesong sampai boyprendd. kihkih, anw wish me luck for tomorrow okay ;) love ya

Thanks for reading :)

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